“Serviceable” Defined

Although the term “Serviceable” is widely used within the aviation industry, a common misconception persists.

While the industry has adapted the trade term “Serviceable” to imply a general “condition” of the unit, the designation is absent from FAA Form 8130-3.

According to FAA Order 8130.21H, the following terms are approved for use in Block 11 on FAA Form 8130-3 for a Return to Service:


So, what does “Serviceable” mean?

For parts sales purposes, “Serviceable,” more or less, differentiates between “Overhauled” parts and all other non-New parts that still included a Return to Service. “Serviceable” parts with the appropriate Return to Service fall within the manufacturer’s operational specs and can be legally installed on an aircraft for which they’re certified.

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