What Does “In Stock” Mean to You?

How do you search for the parts you need?  How important is your time?  Do you like having sources you can trust and who do the right thing?

Empty Warehouse Shelves
What your supplier looks like?

Many different answers to these questions exist in the aviation industry.  Many people have resorted to inefficient and ineffective outlets to search for parts.  Many people just accept that many companies misrepresent what they truly have in physical inventory.  At Southeast Aerospace, our daily efforts in Purchasing and parts procurement include sifting through, isolating, and filtering the mass amount of information and vendors who indicate they have certain parts.  Quite simply, it’s a mess out there and people need to realize that the majority of companies listing inventory DO NOT HAVE what they say they have.  Technology has made it too easy for people to falsely generate, export, post, and report inventory that they do not have.

SEA Fully Stocked Shelves
SEA Fully Stocked Shelves

On the other end of the spectrum, Southeast Aerospace has gone to great measures over the years to ensure that we provide the most accurate information and honest service to our customers.  This includes investments in in-house software development, IT personnel, inventory bar coding, and many other quality measures.  Part of our commitment to transparent, dependable customer service is truthful, reliable inventory reporting on our Parts Sales site.  That is, if we indicate “In Stock” then we will not only report as such but also tell you the last date and time that the unit was confirmed in our physical inventory at our Melbourne, Florida USA facility.

Yes…it’s that easy…it’s that simple.


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