OEM Spotlight – True Blue Power/Mid-Continent


True Blue Power, a division of Mid-Continent, has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of aircraft inverters and power supplies. Utilizing Nanophosphate® lithium-ion cell technology, the company says its power supplies offer stable chemistry, faster charging, consistent output, excellent cycle life and superior cost performance. True Blue Power’s inverters are light weight, compact and come in 250W, 500W and 1200W models.

TI1200 Static Inverter
TI1200 Static Inverter

The self-contained TA102 Dual USB Charging Port is a modern addition to any cockpit and interior cabin. Each USB port is designed to supply the electric current needed to charge any standard or high-power device with a USB interface. The TA102 protects itself and the charging device from short-circuit, power surges and over-current potential.

For more information on True Blue Power’s complete product line, visit http://www.truebluepowerusa.com/. For sales inquiries, visit www.SEA-Avionics.com or call (321) 255-9877.


Mid-Continent also brings us SAM® (Standby Attitude Module), a solid state instrument that provides attitude, altitude, airspeed and slip information to the pilot during normal operation or in the case of primary instrument failure.

samSAM’s small size and selectable orientation (horizontal and vertical) allows for flexible cockpit design and installation. With Level A Software, there is virtually no limitation on the type of aircraft in which SAM can be installed.

To learn more about SAM, visit http://www.flysam.com/. For sales inquiries, visit www.SEA-Avionics.com or call (321) 255-9877.

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